Jay Leno project.  Fully hand-tied superlace foundation on a custom padded block, based off of a "head bubble" (explained below).  Hair was permed after ventilation.  Final look here.

Ship(wreck) wig.  Millinery wire cage.  Balsa wood ship.   Final look here.

Head bubbles.  Saran wrap base with clear tape to conform to the head.  Mark hairline to indicate growth direction, wispies, etc.  See Trey in a custom built wig here.

Fall.  Hair wefts stitched in a waterfall ladder to create length in a pre-existing wig (see last image).  Final look here. 

Eyelashes.  Ventilated on silk.   Final look here.

Deep front.  Ventilated on veg net with a superlace front.   Completed wig here (unstyled).

Ventilated on superlace with afro-kink synthetic hair.  Final look here .  Production photos here.